The final scientific program will be available after all abstracts have been received

There will be a number of symposia, the final titles of which will be based on the submitted abstracts. The Local Organizing Committee will group the abstracts under coherent symposia headings after they have been submitted. Suggested topics may include:

  • Neurobiology and molecular biology of mammalian chemoreception
  • Neurobiology and molecular biology of insect chemoreception
  • Genomics and Evolution of the chemical senses
  • Development of chemoreception
  • Nutritional chemosensing
  • Oral sensing of foods and food flavours
  • Neuroscience and chemosensing
  • Avian chemosensing
  • Human taste in health and disease
  • Advances in Bitter taste
  • Food chemosensing
  • Extra Oral chemosensing
  • Technological systems for/and chemoreception
  • Marine/aquatic chemical senses
  • Chemosensing in domestic animals

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