Past Conferences

We hold our conferences in beautiful locations that will stimulate our chemosenses. Wine regions and tropical islands are our preferred locations, and we also ensure that wine tasting is one of the highlights of the conference

Past abstracts can be found at www.chemosensory.com


2017 Hamilton Island, Queensland
2016 Sydney, NSW
2015 CSIRO Canberra
2014 University of Queensland
2013 Phillip Island, Victoria
2011 Matakana, New Zealand
2010 Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia
2009 Heron Island, Queensland
2008 Brisbane, Queensland
2007 Barossa Valley, South Australia
2005 Heron Island, Queensland
2004 Noosa, Queensland
2003 Rutherglen, Victoria
2002 Heron Island, Queensland
2001 Sydney, New South Wales
2000 Sydney, New South Wales
1999 Melbourne, Victoria
1998 Brisbane, Queensland
1996 Sydney, New South Wales