The Australasian Association for ChemoSensory Science (AACSS) brings smell and taste to life by joining researchers, clinicians and private industry to explore, educate and enhance the chemosenses. From human disease to insect pest control, from land animals to marine animals, and from wine aromas to food flavours, we cover the full field of olfaction and taste.

Our research approaches include nutrition, neurobiology, genetics, behaviour, psychophysics, physiology, pharmacology and industrial engineering to study areas such as chemical ecology, evolutionary biology, chemosensory development and genomics, taste and smell disorders, insect pest control, air pollution and quality.

The society has a broad range of chemosensory interests including:


  • Neurobiology of Chemoreception
  • Development of Chemosensory organs
  • Nutritional Chemosensing
  • Human Taste & Chemesthesis
  • Marine/Aquatic Chemical Ecology
  • Plant-Insect Interactions
  • Chemosensory & Genetic Evolution
  • Human Olfaction
  • Food sensory research
  • Industrial Applications